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Pride and envy can make us humans very blind and cruel.  King Saul by these was motivated to kill hero David, and further in his blindness told those who supported him in his bitter endeavor, blessed be ye of the Lord.  Yes, pride and envy can act and be very religious although dreadfully blind and cruel.  Pride and envy combined with misguided religion can make us humans become what might be called religious rocks.  Religious rocks rather than worshipping God in Spirit and truth, blindly worship man's religious dogma and traditions often misled from antiquity.  Stephen was stoned to death by religious rocks throwing rocks.  This site seeks to redeem even religious rocks and to reveal God's perfect law of liberty which too often has been crushed by religious rocks, as well as by sincere but mistaken Christians.


God Wants To Transform Rocky Hearts

And Unite Them In His Grace, Love, And Truth!

document TWO

The Matthew 5:27-32 Page And The


The Matthew 5:27-32 Page 

document Three

Why Me And Who Else

Astonishing Events God Sent My Way

 And Oh God Help Us Awaken Rather Than Overlook Your Miracles!  

Document 4

God's Warnings Of Fire And Famine

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